elevating credit operations.

We help credit asset managers accelerate their operations by elevating capabilities, modernizing processes, and unlocking performance with technology and data. We take a fresh, user-focused approach to transformation, with solutions designed to fit your organization, not disrupt it.

Tailored Fit

We know one-size does not fit all. We work closely with our clients to adapt our solutions and managed operations to your team and organization.

Ready to Integrate

Our solutions are built from the ground up with integration in mind. We are system-agnostic, which means minimal disruption and smooth transition.

Best in Class

We go beyond "here's what you should do" to achieve operational excellence. We invest heavily in process design to help you gain efficiency, automation, and success.


We transform complex challenges in the credit space into compelling and easy-to-use solutions.

How do we do this? By blending our decade of deep experience with bank loans and private credit with our background in big data, product development, UX design, and operations management.

This results in software and managed operation solutions that solve real problems for BDCs, CLOs, leverage facilities, the 1940 Act, and private credit funds.


Leverage is expensive, optimizing is easy with Vantage.

Take control of your deal pipeline effortlessly with Vantage. Instantly test new investments, position changes, asset amendments, borrowings, and capital calls. Seamlessly simulate asset allocation across multiple facilities.

Monthly reporting and reconciliation become a breeze for your operations and portfolio finance teams. Say goodbye to Excel headaches with Vantage, your zero Excel solution for leveraging facilities.

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Your comprehensive solution tailored to streamline loan trade settlements. Designed from scratch to tackle the unique challenges in this area, TradePath seamlessly integrates with your ClearPar processes.

Automate sign-off requests from internal teams, securely archive approvals for auditors, effortlessly deliver settlement documents and wire memos to custodians and trustees, and efficiently track and manage all trade settlement activities and upcoming tasks.

TradePath is your command center for all settlement activities.

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Cash Navigator

Accurately monitoring trade date and settle date cash across portfolios and accounts is essential for effective portfolio management. Cash Navigator simplifies this process for you.

With prebuilt connectors for all major banks*, Cash Navigator seamlessly ingests and organizes incoming cash logs via email or FTP. It performs automated balance checks, identifies back-dated activities, and grants you complete control over your cash operations. Easily search through cash logs across custodians, making Cash Navigator your go-to solution for managing cash accounts across all your funds.

*Deustche, JPM, ComputerShare (fka Wells Fargo), SocGen, BNY, US Bank, State Street, Citi, and more.

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Ensure precision in investment data management with SmartRec – your comprehensive solution for centralized reconciliation and collaboration. SmartRec adopts the concept of continuous reconciliation, providing you with the most accurate insight into your investment data round the clock. Effortlessly connect with custodians, trustees, or reconcile internal systems.

Identify bottlenecks and manage internal and external SLAs to guarantee timely resolutions. With SmartRec, streamline your reconciliation process and stay ahead of the curve.

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Discover the power of automation for scalability and risk management with Orion. Our data-agnostic platform empowers you to automate any process, regardless of the data source or application. With Orion, there are no boundaries. It's your solution for automating and de-risking operations.

Whether it's simplifying report downloads from a custodian website for your operations team or performing real-time calculations of life-to-date P&L, Orion can be configured to meet your needs. Unlock efficiency and minimize risk with Orion's flexible automation capabilities.

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Our unique blend of finance, accounting, and computational data expertise empowers asset managers like never before. We help asset managers struggling with complex system migrations, tangled operations, de-risking Excel based processes, consolidating data from disparate legacy applications, and much more.

"Dacumen delivered beyond our expectations. We needed to produce inception to date fund metrics, however, our data was scattered across legacy systems, Excel files and new systems. With minimal direction, Dacumen managed to make sense of our unstructured data, modeled the reports, and delivered reconciled outputs. Their unique expertise enabled us to deliver on this challenge."

Credit Asset Manager (AUM: 10bn+)

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